Jeddah, 20.07. 2017 – The Saudi Project for the Utilization of Hajj Meat (Adahi), managed by the Islamic Development Bank, has announced that the price of Adahi coupon for 1438 (2017) has been fixed at 450 Saudi Riyals (US$ 120 or Euro 92).  The President of the IDB, Dr. Bandar Hajjar, who is also the Head Adahi Project made the announcement today during a meeting with officials in charge of Hajj affairs at embassies and consulates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

"The Adahi project is one of the services offered by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to pilgrims in order to ease their suffering, and make the hajj ritual affordable to them", the President stated.

He recalled that before the initiation of the Adahi Project over 35 years ago, things were difficult, and the project seeks to protect the system against unscrupulous elements who take advantage of the pilgrims in the name of Adahi, while in reality they do not have the resources to purchase the livestock.

The President said that the Project aims at serving the pilgrims by providing livestock that meet all Shari'a and health requirements and by ensuring the cleanliness of the environment around the Holy Sites. He also observed that veterinarians and Sharia'a scholars inspect the livestock from time to time.

Dr. Hajjar explained that the Project has enabled pilgrims to perform this rite with great ease and thus focus on other Hajj rites. The Project also helps to make the meat available to its rightful beneficiaries among the poor at the Holy Mosque and Holy Sites as well as beneficiaries in many Muslim countries and Muslim communities all over the world

The Project coupons are available with entities such as Al Rajhi, Mobily, Hadyat Al Hajj Wal Moatamer Secure Services Company, as well as with Saudi Posts' outlets throughout the Kingdom. The coupons can also be bought through the Project website  for rites such as hady or odhiya, or Sadaqa, or Aqiqa by using credit card, through  money transfer, or through access to the Saudi Ministry of Hajj website.  

The President indicated that the Project since inception has utilized around (20) million livestock, which were distributed amongst the needy inside the Saudi Arabia and in 27 other countries. He called on the media to help sensitize pilgrims of their respective countries on the need to avoid going to the Project's abattoirs during peak periods. He then answered questions on IDB Group various activities, in general, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Project for the Utilization of Hajj Meat, in particular.